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Impounded Vehicle Collection

Are you facing a Police or local authority pound? Maybe we can help!

Safe Care Recovery can collect your vehicle for you, meeting your demands and offering you our well-known professional service at an insignificant surcharge.

Our insurance policy allows us to recover and transport 3rd party vehicles on behalf of their owners from a police or local authority pound. You just need to contact us and we will handle all the hassle for you, delivering your vehicle to your doorstep or your preferred destination.

Please see below a non-exhaustive list of situations on which we can help you:

  • Your vehicle has been taken off the road for not having a valid MOT or insurance
  • Your vehicle has been impounded due to a crime involving it or taken by Police after an accident or collision
  • Your vehicle has been taken for not having driving license
  • Your vehicle has been issued with a PG9 (Prohibition Notice) because it is not roadworthy, (if it cannot be driven, it must be removed on a recovery vehicle)

For more information please call us on 020 7183 4238 / 07950 350065 or request a call back

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